Professional Golfer Stryker Hip Recipient

Dennis P.

Total Hip Replacement

”On April 15 I had hip (left) replacement. Two days later I went home, only using my cane. I went on walks around my neighborhood every day.”

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Dennis p.

Don Robertson.

Knee Replacement and Shoulder Surgery

”I cannot tell you how happy I am with Dr. Robert Hartman as a diagnostician and surgeon”

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Don Robertson

Bobby P.

“My name is Robert Purzitza and I am 44 years old. I was experiencing pain in my right leg where the femur bone meets the hip socket. Before I was properly diagnosed I thought it might be my lower back or something in that area. I first went the route of the Chiropractor, Acupuncture, and back / hip injections.

All of these procedures gave minor, temporary relief only. I am a Line Maintenance manager at Northwest Airlines and a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard. The first orthopedic doctor I went to see took X-rays, told me my Air Force career was over, tossed me a pamphlet on total hip replacement and said “Pick out a hip type you would like” and left the room. My wife and I just looked at each other, unbelievable! Here I am, 44 years old, with a bad hip and a pamphlet. My son Isaiah has a friend who had a knee and hip replacement performed by Dr. Hartman. Isaiah said his friend had negative results from previous surgeries and Dr. Hartman fixed him up and he was good to go. What did I have to lose?

When you walk into Dr. Hartman’s office you are greeted warmly by professionals. I was taken to the X-ray room and some pictures were taken of my hip. My wife and I were then seated in the examination room, and waited to meet Dr. Hartman. The doctor walks in and I already feel at ease; his demeanor is wonderful. He asked me what I like to do for activities, I tell him, and he says “After the procedure is completed and I heal, I’ll be able to do all of these.” Big difference from the first doctor I was seen by! My x-rays were put on the computer screen, Dr. Hartman told me what was wrong, and what he could do to help me; he even had a prosthesis in the room to show me what it looks / feels like! I was very comfortable with the doctor’s explanations and made an appointment for surgery. Through the whole process from your initial visit until your last visit, you will have many questions. Lisa Nelson, Dr. Hartman’s assistant will be able to answer your questions and help you alone the way. She is a total professional.

On surgery day you will probably be in the operating room less than 2 hours. You will have the option to just stay overnight (which I did) or 3 days. My wife had a hospital bed sent to our home and it really helped in the initial days following the operation. You can raise / lower it to help get in and out of bed. I was walking 3 hours after the procedure with a walker. I walked down the hallway the next day without any aids and was discharged. It took me about a week to start feeling really good. Patients need to be diligent and do the exercises religiously. Now I have no pain at all and Dr. Hartman was right on the money with his initial comments, “You’ll be able to resume your normal life style.”