Professional Golfer Stryker Hip Recipient

Dennis P.

Total Hip Replacement

”On April 15 I had hip (left) replacement. Two days later I went home, only using my cane. I went on walks around my neighborhood every day.”

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Dennis p.

Don Robertson.

Knee Replacement and Shoulder Surgery

”I cannot tell you how happy I am with Dr. Robert Hartman as a diagnostician and surgeon”

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Don Robertson

Eric S.

“As a 52 year old very active male, I had dealt with deteriorating knee joints for 10 years. The pain in my knees caused a lifestyle change that I had not anticipated, nor could accept any longer. In a 10-year period, I had gone from being able to run marathons to struggling to walk to the mailbox and back. Getting out of bed became a chore and mowing the yard was a challenge. The physical activities that defined me were a thing of the past.

During consultations with Dr. Hartman about joint replacement, he instilled in me the knowledge and confidence that this procedure was the right approach at this stage of my life.

I am thrilled to tell you today, thanks to Dr. Hartman, I have my life back. After bilateral knee replacement performed by Dr. Hartman, I can now engage in all the physical activities that I’ve enjoyed my entire life. Biking, snow/water skiing, golfing, gym workouts, long distance walking can all be done pain-free once again.

This photo was taken 7 months after my left knee procedure, and 16 months after my right knee procedure. Thanks to Dr. Hartman’s skill and talents, I no longer have the physical limitations that kept me from my active lifestyle.

With great enthusiasm, I endorse Dr. Hartman, his practice, and staff if you are contemplating joint replacement.”