Professional Golfer Stryker Hip Recipient

Dennis P.

Total Hip Replacement

”On April 15 I had hip (left) replacement. Two days later I went home, only using my cane. I went on walks around my neighborhood every day.”

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Dennis p.

Don Robertson.

Knee Replacement and Shoulder Surgery

”I cannot tell you how happy I am with Dr. Robert Hartman as a diagnostician and surgeon”

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Don Robertson

Sandy S.

“I am a 68 year old female patient of Dr. Hartman. I have always led a very active life style and enjoyed working out, running, water and snow skiing, playing golf and tennis. In the last few years I have had to discontinue doing some of the things I love due to bone on bone condition of my right knee. Six month ago Dr. Hartman performed a total knee replacement on my right knee. The entire experience has been a very positive one and I attribute the results to the skills of Dr. Hartman. From the beginning, Dr. Hartman’s excellent communication skills made me very confident and comfortable about the surgery. My recovery went very well and I worked hard at my physical therapy, which Dr. Hartman emphasized was extremely important. After six weeks I resumed playing golf and was able to water ski and roller blade at four months post surgery. My knee feels so strong and normal. It makes me happy that I can resume an active life style and do the things I love. My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Austria where we did some very active and lengthy mountain hiking. In the past, hiking down the mountain was out of the question, but now having a strong, stable knee I was able to do the hiking I love and enjoy it!! I highly recommend Dr. Hartman as a surgeon. I know that eventually my left knee will need replacing and I will once again be choosing Dr. Hartman to perform the surgery.”